Understanding an Eating disorder

Looking from the outside in it can be hard to understand an eating disorder, why would anyone want to make themselves throw up, starve themselves, binge until they feel like they are going to explode or feel tortured by food ?.

Avoiding negative feeling’s

I think this is something we are all guilty of in one way or another, its uncomfortable to talk about your emotions however suppressing them does not make them go away and therefore we need to find another way to let them out. For anyone that has made themselves sick, starved themselves covering up our emotions is a big reason why this has happened

For me, I liked being in control, and when I was feeling lost with a lot of my life this was the one thing in my life I felt like I had full control over and in a very unhealthy way it excited me.

So here is some further information to help you understand where body dis-morphia comes from and more of an in-site.

Disorder eating is the single most important indicator of the onset of an eating disorder. Disordered eating is a disturbed pattern of eating that can include fasting and skipping meals, eliminating food groups, restrictive dieting accompanied by binge eating and excessive exercise. Disordered eating can also include purging behaviours such as laxative abuse and self-induced vomiting.

Disordered eating can result in significant mental, physical and social impairment and is associated with not only eating disorders but also health concerns such as depression, anxiety, nutritional and metabolic problems and weight gain. 

Studies in Australia and New Zealand have found:

  • Approximately half of adolescent girls have tried to lose weight and practice extreme weight loss behaviors such as fasting, self-induced vomiting and smoking
  • As many as 75% of high school girls feel fat or want to lose weight
  • Young people who diet moderately are six times more likely to develop an eating disorder; those who are severe dieters have an 18-fold risk
  • Among girls who dieted, the risk of obesity is greater than for non-dieters

Puberty is a time of great change biologically, physically and psychologically. Teenagers are often vulnerable to societal pressures and can often feel insecure and self-conscious, factors that increase the risk of engaging in extreme dieting behaviour.

The act of starting any diet increases the risk of eating disorders in adolescent girls and boys. Research shows that young people who engage in unhealthy dieting practices are almost three times as likely as their healthy-dieting peers to score high on measures assessing suicide risk.

For myself, when I first decided to go down the path of body dis-morphia I was fourteen years old starting my very own fitness journey.

I grew up being the overweight child the fat one that got bullied left right and centre it was not just emotional bullying it was very much physical too. I still remember that first initial day I stuck my fingers down my throat, I remember exactly where I was and exactly how I felt and how easy it was to do. This one decisions has impacted my life in so many big ways i t is not something I would wish upon my worst enemy, however this journey I chose to go on has made me the person I am today.

Ask yourself why do you start something? what is the core message in your actions? what are you avoiding within your life?

Are you trying to fill a void or avoid your emotions? I ask you to really dive deep into your unconscious mind and understand that the answers you are searching for lie within yourself you are the key that unlocks the door.

Stay tuned for my next one, diving deep into my emotions and feelings.

Image result for eating disorders

Image result for eating disorders

Published by chelsea

I am 26 years of age. A fighter and true healer of anorexia and bulima, this is my journey come along with me to find your inner strength ❤

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